Join a Reunion Group

During your weekend you heard about Reunion Groups. Sometimes they are also called an accountability group. Such groups exist to 1) bring two or more people together in God and for God and 2) to bring back together the elements of the Banquet weekend.

You modeled a reunion group all weekend at your tables. One of you moderated, or led the discussion. You shared information about yourselves and your lives. You challenged each other and supported each other. You prayed together, and you feasted together.

The order of the Reunion Group – or the format or agenda you use – should be familiar to you:

  1. Begin with the Prayer to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Talk about worship – describe how you’ve done this in the past week.
  3. Think about and share when you felt closest to Christ in the past week.
  4. Discuss what and how you have studied God’s word in the last week.
  5. Describe how have you shared the Good News in the last week.
  6. Share how you have been God’s hands and feet this week.
  7. Describe any missed or failed opportunities to share Christ with others.
  8. Plan how you will worship, study and take action in the upcoming week.
  9. Tell each other your individual prayer needs and requests and then pray together for each other.
  10. Finish by praying together the Lord’s Prayer as modeled by Jesus.

If you would like to become part of a Reunion Group please complete the registration form below. You will be contacted in the next few weeks. We hope your Banquet experience has been a life-changing one and we hope being part of a Reunion Group will continue to change and grow you in many wonderful ways.

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