Awakening Registration

Parents’ authorization to attend will be considered confirmed upon our receipt of the registration fee payment and the REQUIRED permission slip that contains the parents’ signature. After applications have been submitted please mail the registration fee and permission slip to:

The Awakening
c/o Roger and Becky Paulson
305 N. Matthews Road
Greenwood, IN 46143


The Awakening is a three-day experience. It is an organized, structured
weekend designed to bring participants to an awareness of each person's
need to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and then begin to
make Him Lord in all areas of life.

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...this part is about the "Sleeper"

Acceptance is made on a first come basis, with a preference for senior high school ages. Since we have a limited number of spaces for Sleepers, a Sleeper may be placed on a waiting list. If the situation should arise, are you willing to fill an opening up to the day of the Awakening?

Please make sure that all blanks are filled in above (Sleeper & Sponsor). There is no specific charge for the weekend, but each Sleeper will be given the opportunity to make an offering if they so desire. We do request a $10.00 registration fee to be mailed to the address below when you submit this application online and mail the REQUIRED PARENTAL PERMISSION SLIPMake sure the check is made payable to Southport Presbyterian Church. This form is an application, the Sponsor and his or her Sleeper will be notified of acceptance to the Awakening. Sleepers may be placed on a waiting list since we only have a certain number of spaces available. Early applicants will be notified by mail of acceptance by letter a few weeks before the Awakening. Late applicants will be handled as quickly as possible. Important: Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if a Sleeper is unable to come. Detailed information about arrival and housing will be sent to them.

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