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Here is information concerning the Great Banquet and Awakening weekends. You may need to scroll down for the Awakening information tabs


The Southport Great Banquet is a three-day experience of renewal, learning and sharing in the atmosphere of a Christian community. It is a different experience for each individual. It does not provide a climate for the solution of deep-seated problems, but is designed to help mature people to work toward a Christian way of life with community support. Husband and wife are invited as a couple, although they attend separately; usually, the husband first. Each person must submit a separate application. Married couples are requested to turn in both applications at the same time.

There is no specific charge for the weekend; but you will be given the opportunity to make an offering if you so desire. You may give any amount or nothing. We do request a $10.00 registration fee, which should be given to your sponsor along with your completed application. Make checks payable to the Southport Great Banquet. This form is an application and its submittal does not guarantee acceptance. You may be placed on a waiting list since we only have a certain number of spaces available.

This event is being held at Southport Presbyterian Church and Southport Presbyterian Church operates a school on its property.

Register for a Great Banquet Weekend

This event is being held at Southport Presbyterian Church and Southport Presbyterian Church operates a school on its property.

Southport Great Banquet Registration Form

The Awakening is a three-day experience designed specifically for high school aged individuals. It is an organized, structured weekend designed to bring participants to an awareness of each person’s need to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and then begin to make Him Lord in all areas of life.  The weekend begins at 11:30 on Friday afternoon, and requires ½ day absence from school.  The number of participants is limited, with acceptance on a first-come-first-serve basis, with preference given to upperclassmen.  Participants will be notified via email of their acceptance and can confirm their spot via email.  Email questions to, or contact Paul Gearhart via the church office (317/534-2900).

There is no specific charge for the weekend, but we do request that a $20.00 registration fee be submitted along with your signed Parent Permission Form.  Please make checks payable to SPC.  This form is an application and its submission does not guarantee acceptance.

This event is being held at Southport Presbyterian Church, and the church operates a school on its property.


Parents’ authorization to attend will be considered confirmed upon our receipt of the $20 registration fee payment and the REQUIRED permission slip that contains the parents’ signature. After applications have been submitted please mail the registration fee and permission slip to:

Southport Awakening
c/o Southport Presbyterian Church
7525 McFarland Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN  46237

Contact: (registration)
317/534-2900 (Paul Gearhart, for other questions)


Southport Awakening Registration
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